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To the edge of the ocean, that is.  Yes.  I am fleeing to the ocean’s edge seeking solace, seashells, wind and waves.  Rainy forecast be damned, I am still heading out so I can arrive there, where the ocean meets the rocky shore. 

Fingers crossed that my V (as in my Bastard Buddy Vertigo) will allow me a grace period for the 4+ hour drive.  I typically relish driving the many miles as it is a beautiful drive, rain or shine, and this road and I are very well acquainted.  We know each other’s twists and turns, pot holes and all.  So please Universe above and within, please keep the green light lit and a Pink Bubble of safety around yours truly and Buster Blue (aka my trusty car companion) as we escape this city life. 

Because it is true.  The edge is where the good stuff often hangs out.  An ever tempting adventure of discovery.  So to the edge it is.

These past few weeks have been an exercise in cravings, delayed satisfaction, impulsive choice making, setting aside, procrastination, misplacing my mojo, re-discovering my mojo, percolating, marinading, and popcorning ideas, thoughts, theories, plain silliness, deep convoluted thinking meanderings and missing my blog. 

What I have been up to and the revolving re-occuring topics in my head have included, but have not been limited, to:

the hour and minute combination of 11:11 and the significance I have ascribed to this time


Spring Fever, which morphed into Sunshine Fever, which changed to Restless Life Syndrome


loving my job, total dissatisfication with the same job, searching for new job, applying for new jobs


retirement preparedness, freaking out that I have failed, as in utterly, to formulate any such plan,

vesting, vacillating between commitment to stay for 3+ years to wear this retirement vest, back

to freaking out at the thought of such a long term commitment


health issues, tipping over, milestones in sleeping upright, off low sodium plan, back on,

yo-yo eating plan


poor body image, hating, shameful feelings, attempts to embrace my physical self


vacations, destinations, monetary commitment toward vacations, gratitude for abundance


Setting aside, walking through, moving around, navigating life’s detritus, waking up, being amazed,

feeling flummoxed, groaning disappointment, side-splitting hilarity, tears of pain and surrender,

loving and receiving affection

Man alive!  No wonder I have been absent.  That there is whole hella lot of living. 

Yes, indeed. 

Later today, I am scheduled to board an airplane which will connect me to another airplane which is then scheduled to deliver me back to the Land of Frozen Frosty and Downright Cold Far North Land.

As a result of these scheduled plans, I find myself in need of immediate use of a working and readable Global Positioning System (GPS). This is proactive planning ahead for the just in case scenario that I mis-locate my current state of joy and being stoked with life and living. Let’s be real. It could happen.

And if I do lose my way, fall sharply out of sync with my recently re-acquaintance with exuberance for living a fully engaged and participatory life, I want to be able to find my way back.


I am content with the content of my life in this moment in time and space on this Earth planet in this Universe and this galaxy.

This contentment has been a long time coming and the experience may be fleeting but in this moment at this juncture in time, nothing detracts from

my contentment ~

I bargain with myself as I walk beside the edge of this astoundingly gorgeous ocean.
The back and forth sounds a lot like this ~

Shell Seeker Self: You have chosen some cool, as in uber cool shells. You have enough.

Beach Walker Self: Okay. You’re right, oh Wise One. No need to be a greedy shell gut.

Shell Seeker Self: Yep. Enough beachcombing for this morning. Now onto the walk part.

Beach Walker Self: Great! All on board for a beach stroll.

Shell Seeker Self: Ahhhh, this feels so good ~ just me on the beach walking and… What do I spy with my little brown eye?

Beach Walker Self: Go by, go by ~ be strong ~

Shell Seeker Self: [Slowing pace ~ stopping ~ squatting ~ picking up ~ gathering]

Beach Walker Self: It’s okay. We all have minor slips now and then. Come on, get your stroll back on.

Shell Seeker Self: Oh Alright, already. [Said in non-compliant voice]

Beach Walker Self: Think of this as your aerobic exercise for the day in a beautiful location.

Shell Seeker Self: Better yet ~ let’s think of this as MY vacation. [Slowing pace ~ stopping ~ squatting ~ picking up ~ gathering]

Beach Walker Self: Well if you can’t beat them, join them [Slowing pace ~ stopping ~ squatting ~ picking up ~ gathering]

~ And a grand time continues to be shared by all ~

As in totally. Stoked.

Who says that any more?
Other than me, that is.

I don’t care if I am the only one on the planet still using such a word and phrase. Never was one to conform.

Makes no never mind, anywho.
‘Cuz it wouldn’t change a thing ~
I am stoked ~ totally ~ utterly ~ stoked.

That is what the sun ~ sand ~ ocean waves ~ pelican sightings ~ breeze + a clear calendar =’s in this woman’s life and times ~

Stoked on life.
Gotz me feelin’ groovy.
As in cool beans, man.
Like totally.
I’m all in, my friend.
Stoked ~

Where I am vacationing this week the talk, the buzz word amongst the locals, is “unseasonably,” as in unseasonably cold. Visitors such as myself are easily distinguishable from the permanent citizenry by our difference in outdoors apparel, ranging from shorts and a flip flop sighting here and there to the down jacketed and cashmere scarved folks.

Unseasonably translates differently depending on where the visitors hail from ~ their home average temperature for the month of Decemeber.

For me, the traveler from the Land of the Frozen Faced Ones From a Far Distant North Land, this unseasonable is tantamount to summer temps. I am not sporting shorts and a flip flop is not within my reach. However, there is a big smile plastered to my face.

My feet are happy to walk on the beautiful sandy beaches.
My eyes search the ground for sea shells.
My ears listen to the soothing sounds of the waves.
The breeze is bracing and reminds me over and over again that I am glad to be alive.

Unseasonable aliveness.

Tonight I am scheduled to leave on the proverbial red-eye flight. Scheduled to take my leave of this winter wonderland, this Frozen for a Good Long While North Land. I will be heading to warmer climes with daylight that persists past 3:45 in the afternoon.

That is if those Santa Ana winds take mercy on the skies and let the airplane I will be packed onto hang in the regions above firm ground. I am hoping, quite fiercely, that the Santa Anas are a bit worn out from their recent show of power.

When I return to the Land of Snow Ice and Cold of the North Land, we will be closer to one of my most favorite of all days in the winter ~ solstice. The day that we stop losing daylight and soon begin re-gaining those precious minutes of light.

Winter solstice does not herald the end of winter. Winter weather continues here in this region of the planet well into March and April. Winter solstice does bring back the element that makes the 5th and 6th months of winter more bearable ~ light and potential sunshine.

For now, I will take my leave ~ re-charge my internal batteries ~ soak in some sun rays ~ walk along the edge of the ocean and listen to its ever changing song.

I had such a grand time on my recent tropical vacation that I am going on another vaction in just a few days. The destination isn’t tropical but it is south of here, much warmer with a higher probability of sunshine, longer daylight hours and there are beaches. Like, right there.

Be still my already pounding heart.
Well, not too still.
In fact, heart, go ahead and do your happy beat dance. I mean I am going on vacation after all.


Yes. I’ll take seconds on that winter vacation, please.

You know that Paul Simon tune, Slip Sliding Away? Well it sort of sums up my re-entry into my life here instead of there, meaning where I was until last night. Last night when I boarded the airplane to leave there to return to here.

The Paul Simon diddy comes in when I gaze out of my south facing windows, at the piles of deep snow that has fallen here in my absence. Icy slippery driveway and walkways are a frequent by product as the temperatures go up and down and back up again.

Winter wonderland or no, I am happy to be back here in my own little rented 1970’s duplex bungalow.

I think that is a sign of a successful and exceptional vacation ~ when one returns feeling rested and ready to be home.

All sorts of experiences and food for thought will show up on these pages springing from my time away. Later though. Not today. Today it is good enough to be here from there. Good enough, indeed.

Actually, one could even say excellent.
Excellent enough.

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