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You know that old saying, the one that goes something like, be careful for what you wish, you might just receive it or some such thing.  I have never been a big fan of that particular saying.  As life seems to enjoy a good laugh or two, at my expense (or so it seems), this week I have heard myself iterating this phrase and then I suppose reiterating the same saying.  Because I did make a wish and I am, indeed, receiving said wish.

In fact, I did more than send a wish into the Universe.  I crafted an invitation.  An invitation to a celebration, a party if you will in honor of myself.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  I, as in me, myself and I.  A celebration of MY LIFE to coincide with one of my favorita days of the year Summer Solstice (the other favorita days of the year, Winter Solstice).  I crafted this invitation and then sent it out into the Universe to invitees both local and to those who live in what we fondly refer to as the Lower 48, even though there are 49 other states in the Union.  Some folks may be wondering what are we even considering here?  What’s the big deal?  Where’s the problem?  What is this post even about?  Well, read further dear blogging friends and I will further bare my fragile vulnerable underbelly of neurosis.

In sending this invitation, I was telling myself Number One, that I am valuable enough and could possibly be important enough to someone(s)’ that they would/will take time out of their lives to journey North to celebrate my life.  For those invitees from Outside there would/will be the travel expense, which is no small ‘taters.  The moment I hit the send button on my email invitation the anxiety that had already built to about a 4 on a 1-10 scale, hit about an 8.  That old and tired but loud whiny voice of who do you think you are little Missy and you are a selfish self-centered little girl aren’t you today blah blah blah took over.  Thankfully, before this part of me could overtake me and tackle me into the mud, I began receiving responses to my invitation within a half hour of its flight.

Thus, this week has been a life lesson of opening my heart again and again to the love that is there for me to receive.  Although overwhelming, I remind myself that I am a growed up woman, as my adoptive mother used to say about herself.  And a little or even a lot of overwhelm over receiving a lot of love from family and friends is some thing a growed up woman can handle on any given day.

My heart is full.

My heart is full and expanding.

Plus 10 or 10 Plus or 10+


getting more grateful by the minute ~

Here in this corner of the planet where the hours of daylight have increased past 10 per 24 hour cycle, people like me are growing more ecstatic exponentially.  And the party shows no signs of abatement as summer solstice is still some months in front of us.  We are gaining 5+ minutes every single day. 

Woo Hoo! 

Hotdiggity!  Dogdiggity! 

Hallelujah and Amen. 

The growing natural light will be extended even further into the evening hours in just a little over a week when we spring forward an hour.  That is when drivers with nightblindness are freed from our dark winter prison.  Unjailed, to accept dinner invitations, run errands after work, visit with friends and family and hoot and holler while we drive, baby drive, after 3:30 PM. 

See what I mean?  There is hella’ lot to be hootin’ and hollerin’ rejoicin’  and revelin’ about up here where the returning of the light is a seasonal gift that keeps on giving for many months. 

Happy dance all around!  Go ahead, kick up your heels.  A simple yet awe inspiring gift from the Universe ~ No charge.  No fee.

Daydreaming, in the dark. Not to be confused with dark daydreams.

No. That would be the wrong interpretation.

This morning I was literally daydreaming in the dark. The dark both inside my dwelling and outside of my four walls as I was waking.

Here is the content of my daydreams today ~

summer time warmth ~ beachwalks ~ sleeping in the horizontal position ~

It could happen.
And it already did ~ in my mind’s eye.

Indeed, the tide is out on this lovely stretch of usually rocky beach. The view from my bluff perch takes in the bay, the green islands across the bay, and the snow covered mountains behind the islands. All of that, plus a growing width of sand, tide pools and eddies strewn with seaweed, shells, and beachy critters. Two-legged humans are strolling, running, and skipping and some are accompanied by stick fetching dog companions and canine swimmers.

Lots of cloud coverage with the sun playing a game of peek-a-shine every now and then.

There is a huge black and white barge moving steadily down the baywater.

Happy holidays my blogging friends, buddies, unknown-to-me’s, readers, and writers ~

Savoring every moment of our long daylight days here in the Too Often Dark & Frozen North Land. The extra day light minutes and hours, make living so much easier that the song, summer time and the living is easy, goes around in my head, frequently.

I consciously remind myself to soak the light into my core. To stock pile a big old batch of day light, because there’s no substitute that is equal to the light here just shy of the summer solstice in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Superb.


Every second of the day’s light ~ welcomed.

It’s my weekend so, naturally, I spent a few hours yesterday GS’ing (aka garage sale’ing). And, naturally, I came home with some new-to-me loot.

Gently worn moss green print Chico shirt (missing two buttons, easy fix)
Moderately clean, with cord smartly contained in paper towel tube, hand mixer
Total = Two Bucks
Good Deal!

Two ceramic bunny votive candle holders, sold as a set, but not really a set
Total = Four Bucks
Good Deal = Not So Much

But did I mention that the bunny set/not really set was purchased to be given as a gift. A gift to be given as the bunny non-set that, upon closer inspection, they revealed themselves to be. And, afterall, isn’t that part and parcel of a fun GS’ing day? Some Good Deals and some Not So Much Good Deals. Well, that’s my story and I’m a-sticking to it.

Back from my elongated weekend away visiting my favorita haunts at the loveliest and quaintest beach village in this Land of Prolonged Winters. While frolicking about on the shoreline, I re-assured myself that this little town does, indeed, exist and is not merely a figment of my imagination ~ an imagination that is often wild and outrageous.

Treated myself to a latte at my little bakery cafe one morning. Walked the beaches. Spent the lion’s share of my time beachcombing.

And to ease my way back into ‘real life,’ I plan to work from home tomorrow. A compromise, as I was planning on taking tomorrow off but realized that I have too much to accomplish by Wednesday to stick with the original plan. So to get my inner self to go along with this new agenda, I decided to work from mi casa.

Meanwhile, I am pleased that my getaway beach town is still rocking along. And, I am totally pleased that I get the pleasure of visiting it every now and then.

I never cease to be amazed and awed of the power and influence adults have in and over children of all ages. Being amazed, however, does not mean that I don’t sometimes forget. Forget that as an adult, in particular as a parent and for some time now as a Grammie, that I hold considerable influence in my family members’ lives.

Messages are sent constantly via body language, silence, story telling, and touch. Little pitchers have big ears and even when they appear to not be listening or watching or paying attention, they are and do. What are they seeing, hearing, surmising?

We don’t know and cannot know. What we can know for sure is that parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and older brothers and sisters are serving as role models each and every day. Kids do as we do and not so much as what we say.

Like I said, I stand in awe and amazement at the influence and sway that I hold in my grandkiddos’ lives.

The point at which I stand and move about. The trailhead of my elongated weekend. The launching off place. This “x” marks the spot place. That is where I am at.

Wondrous vistas lay in front of me. Mellow moments wait to be savored. Wild adventures to be had. Tempting dishes beg to be devoured. Later. When I arrive ~ to that moment ~ in time.

Only the rest of today and all of tomorrow stand between me and a glorious five day interlude from work ~ between me and the sound and feel of rocks and sand shifting beneath my feet as I walk along the water’s edge on my most favorite beach in the whole world ~

I don’t mind that the hours worked in this in between space will equal 20+. The hours will go by fast. Time always does when one is engaged and focused and the work that I do demands both engagement and focused attention. And every now and then when I feel the fatigue creep in or the anxiousness of the moment, I will hear the ocean’s waves and feel the the wind on my rosy cheeks as I walk along the water’s edge ~

Because I will soon be there ~ just past tomorrow ~

August 2020