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I have tunes playing in my head. Tunes like ~

I got sunshine on a frosty day, when it’s a cold outside I’ve got the month of May

And sunshine on with wintry day after days of grey and snow filled skies, is sublime. Gets me hearing another tune, that goes something like this ~

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry. Sunshine on the water looks so lovely. Sunshine almost always makes me high.

Plus, even though it is the height of winter in this Land of Almost Only One Season, the sun’s rays have that rich golden hue versus the stark white light that often comes around this time of year.

More snow forecasted tonight and tomorrow and the day after and yet, for now, I’m singing along to some mighty happy sunny tunes.

Holiday tunes
in my head

New ones. Old ones.
Some invited
not so much.

Each playing to the
beat of their own
little drum ~
@ junemoon 2011

The December holiday season is almost here. Just a jingle away actually. Retailers are knocking down our doors, both the cyberspace and home doors. Rudolph is checking the batteries for his red blinking nose. Frosty is shimmering out in the snow.

Time to decorate and cheer up the dark days and long winter nights with holiday lights and a myriad of shiny sparkly baubles and glass balls.

Put your favorite holiday tune on and sing along.

Let’s get our jingle on.

in my corner of this Earth planet,
I sit on my autumn hued paisley sofa
laptop literally on my lap
morning cup of peppermint tea to the left of me
feet propped on the oversized sienna leather ottoman ~
feeling quite filled up
with wonder ~ renewed gratitude ~
a veritable melody plays in my core.
Be still ~ please.
Can you hear the song of my heart?
(c) junemoon 2011

You know that Paul Simon tune, Slip Sliding Away? Well it sort of sums up my re-entry into my life here instead of there, meaning where I was until last night. Last night when I boarded the airplane to leave there to return to here.

The Paul Simon diddy comes in when I gaze out of my south facing windows, at the piles of deep snow that has fallen here in my absence. Icy slippery driveway and walkways are a frequent by product as the temperatures go up and down and back up again.

Winter wonderland or no, I am happy to be back here in my own little rented 1970’s duplex bungalow.

I think that is a sign of a successful and exceptional vacation ~ when one returns feeling rested and ready to be home.

All sorts of experiences and food for thought will show up on these pages springing from my time away. Later though. Not today. Today it is good enough to be here from there. Good enough, indeed.

Actually, one could even say excellent.
Excellent enough.

Frosty just fell over again. Frosty the Snowman, that is.
The wind gusts keep knocking him on his molded plastic ass.
Actually his rotund side and his face.
So far his orange carrot-like nose is remaining intact.

Above Frosty’s head, my windchimes play a lovely melody.
Could be the Snowman’s eulogy if the wind blows low and long.
At least he will go out with a song.

I am fond of Frosty but I am in love with my windbells.

Biggest hurdle so far today is just letting myself be.
Getting off my own back.
Shutting down the constant ‘shoulda.coulda.woulda’ noise.

Like the Beatle’s song, Let It Be, I want to simply let me be. Just for today.
I guess I might not mind if I let me be tomorrow too.

Today it’s gotta be enough that I showered and shampoo’ed my hair. That I did my dishes. And Universe willing, that I’ll do my nails.

I’ve gotta face it and then accept it. There ain’t gonna be any world saving done by me today. Not even any floor sweeping or vacuuming.

Let me be. Let me be. Let me be. Let me be. There will be an answer, let me be. Let me be.
Sang, off tune, by junemoon to an audience of one ~ herself.

You know the Eagle’s tune Peaceful Easy Feeling? Well I love the first line of that song ~

Earlier today and on to now, that peace-full easy feeling has been with me. Residing in my interior ~ the core of me.


For me, this feeling does not come around that often, at least for the past couple of years. So when the peace enters me, you can believe me when I tell you, I relax into its embrace. Relax. Rejoice. Revel. And give a big shout out of thank you.

Thank you Annie Rosa Lee Dog ~ your spirit is with me today ~ for sure
Thank you Universe and Angels that be.

I am sitting here listening and re-listening to Remember When as sung by Alan Jackson. I heard it on my car radio a while back and after some internal resistence, I downloaded the song from an electronic store.

The lyrics are quite lovely and tell a story of a simple life. Gets me choked up.

Reminds me of how quickly my life has passed. How fast my daughter grew up. How I am now described as that older lady. What the heck happened? And just when did I turn that corner from being considered a dynamic sexual being? I don’t know.

I’m not even saying that I think that the younger, stronger, quicker, definitely more limber me was the preferable one between who I was then and who I am today. I’m just saying that there is a definite difference. A difference in both how I am viewed by others and how I view myself.

I don’t think my neighbors are home. It’s a good thing as I am fixing to play this song again, for about the sixth time in a row.

Some things just take a little more mulling over ~

All it takes sometimes to set my world right, is that spark from someone’s eyes when they flash their genuine smile my way. That, or the sound of a real belly laugh shooting out and about like musical notes from a tuba or a saxaphone.

Or that light touch of a co-worker’s hand on my arm or shoulder as we pass in the hall and exchange our daily hello.

All it takes


March 2020