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Craigslist. Oh craigslist oh what for did we mere merchanise hounds and hunters do prior to your electronic existence? How did we find housing, scout out potential mates or lay our eyes and opposable thumbed hands on the perfect old and just right chipped gravy boat? Pray tell oh craigslist on high.

I have been using the heck out of craigslist of late as I go about my search for furnishings for my new to me rental home. And disappoint, craig has not. He seldom does or has. Oh there have been the occasional hiring of moving men who showed up in a foot cast replete with crutches. to move me and my then belongings down three flights of stairs. without his buddy who he swore would show up alongside him and I believed him and pulled my craigslist.prematurely.

There were also the responders to an almost new gas barbeque for sale who seemed to mistake the ad to mean sex for sale. Ummm. A real headscratcher, that one. Or maybe I don’t want to link that first sentence about sex workers to anything that might need scratching?

Where was I?

Oh right. My lust for craigslist. Urrr. I mean my love, my everlasting love and admiration for craigslist. Because I do. Love the List. So much so, I check him out every couple of hours. In more than one category under the Big One – For Sale. I check. I peruse. I ogle. Pictures are best. Oh the photographs ~ I can’t say enough. Bright images. of chairs. There are the dining variety of which farmstyle, cane, ladderback and broken are just a few of the styles. Then there are the settling into kind of livingroom chairs of which there are wingback, oversized and overstuffed, vintage, with or without ottomans.

And don’t even get me going on the For Sale, Household category. Oh My. God. We’ve got baby ceiling fans. White dishes for 10 that really are for 12, minus the chipped bowl and the two busted cups. Leather office chairs that could be pleather and adjust up or down but not back and forth. And a crap load of Party Lite candles and accessories (to which I have not succumbed, not even a little, not even after the 1,000th ad accompanied with color pics).

Okay. I hear craig calling me and my in my mind’s eye He is offering me the perfect dresser. The kind with deep easy gliding drawers, that stands about waist high and does not sport any malodorous lingerings. I count on craig and the list.

I’ll keep you apprised of my found treasures.

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