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Today is set aside for quiet tasks and introspective thoughts.
A perfect plan for a frosty cold day.

The view from my many windows reveals a wintry landscape of white crystalled trees and mounds of snow. While inside my warm abode I am toasty and content. This period of grace has been with me for a while now and I am soaking it up and into my physical spiritual and emotional pores.

Today, I am thinking of the items to include in my time in a box project.

I am also gathering my many trinkets baubles and shiny pieces with which I adorn myself daily. Beads, silver, crystals, semi-precious stones ~ all my lovelies. Gathering them and hopefully fashioning a system of easy viewing and selection for those early morning gotta-get-to-work scenarios.

Human doings, while my mind sifts through memories of this past year and begins laying a foundation for the current one. Reflecting ~ considering ~ a few good-byes and more than a few budding interests ~ hopes and dreams.

Quietly living my life today in this warm home on this wintery second day of the new year.

Later today, I am scheduled to board an airplane which will connect me to another airplane which is then scheduled to deliver me back to the Land of Frozen Frosty and Downright Cold Far North Land.

As a result of these scheduled plans, I find myself in need of immediate use of a working and readable Global Positioning System (GPS). This is proactive planning ahead for the just in case scenario that I mis-locate my current state of joy and being stoked with life and living. Let’s be real. It could happen.

And if I do lose my way, fall sharply out of sync with my recently re-acquaintance with exuberance for living a fully engaged and participatory life, I want to be able to find my way back.


The December holiday season is almost here. Just a jingle away actually. Retailers are knocking down our doors, both the cyberspace and home doors. Rudolph is checking the batteries for his red blinking nose. Frosty is shimmering out in the snow.

Time to decorate and cheer up the dark days and long winter nights with holiday lights and a myriad of shiny sparkly baubles and glass balls.

Put your favorite holiday tune on and sing along.

Let’s get our jingle on.

That’s what I am doing this morning. Snugglin’ and settlin’ down in my cozy abode as the snow continues to fall outside my west and south facing windows. I imagine if I roused myself from my current totally comfortable position and peeked from my east facing windows, that I might spy more of the white snowflakes free falling from the grey sky.

There is a weather advisory as well as a special winter warning broadcasting on my smart phone weather app. Yep, if there was any doubt in my mind ~ any facination whatsoever ~ in joining the multitude of shoppers or movie go’ers on this day after Thanks Giving… Well, let’s just say that this dual weather advisory and warning would disabuse me of any such notions. Quickly.

Instead, I will admire the trees in their fresh new adornment. Marvel at how much snow can build up on a skinny tree limb before it gives sway under the weight of its white finery. Sip on hot tea from my favorita pottery mug. The one with the pale blue-ish grey interior. The one whose handle fits my fingers just so.

Mostly though, I am content to snuggle and relax ~ all toasty warm ~ on a cold winter’s day in the Definitely Frozen For A Good Long While North Land.

A touch of honey
from the Honey Bear’s squeezable plastic head.

you upend the little guy.
you watch the amber colored sweetness
drip down,
filling his plastic head.

you give him a squeeze ~
not too hard ~ don’t smash the little guy.
watch a dollop
of honey come out.
That is your signal to ease off
the squeeze.
The dollop then becomes a drizzle.

If you are feeling extravagant,
you can give the little plastic guy
another squeeze.

He is a generous guy,
that Mister Honey Bear ~

Enjoy your cup of tea tonight ~
I will join you.
We can toast to the upcoming holiday ~

Tea Cheers ❤

It is damned cold outside. Bitter finger face and mind numbing cold. With the wind chill factor it’s like -20.


Universe bless the animals and people and trees who are living in the big outdoors.
I am blessed. I have a warm abode to return to after a day of work.

it is cold here in the Feels Like Frozen Forever North Land.

It used to be that I did not prize or even yearn for a garage in which to park my vehicle during the long long months of cold bitter temps. Nope. No pining away for a heated four walls and a roof to park my car. Not even when tons of snow fell as it often and almost always does in this land of long and extra long winters.

But that was in my foolish youth. Those vagabond years. Those come what may and what the hey, years. Back when I was limber and physically flexible. Back before these extra long seemingly unending winters took their ever living toll on my psyche.

This winter I do have a heated garage. No, that is inaccurate.
Buster Blue, my vehicle companion, has a heated garage.
And boy howdy, does he love the everliving daylights out of his little abode. I swear he has a smile on his face when I see him first thing in the morning.

Making my Buster Blue happy, makes my day.
Here’s to you Buster and to many a warm night spent in your new house.

You know that Paul Simon tune, Slip Sliding Away? Well it sort of sums up my re-entry into my life here instead of there, meaning where I was until last night. Last night when I boarded the airplane to leave there to return to here.

The Paul Simon diddy comes in when I gaze out of my south facing windows, at the piles of deep snow that has fallen here in my absence. Icy slippery driveway and walkways are a frequent by product as the temperatures go up and down and back up again.

Winter wonderland or no, I am happy to be back here in my own little rented 1970’s duplex bungalow.

I think that is a sign of a successful and exceptional vacation ~ when one returns feeling rested and ready to be home.

All sorts of experiences and food for thought will show up on these pages springing from my time away. Later though. Not today. Today it is good enough to be here from there. Good enough, indeed.

Actually, one could even say excellent.
Excellent enough.


While I am there and not here, I will be thinking of you little blog.
I will miss you. For sure.

But what’s that they say? Something about absense making the heart grow fonder.
True. At least part of the time.

No. Not buying it?

Well then…
Think of it this other way.
I will be bringing back lots of stories.
Stories about good times had and bad times missed.
Tales that are tall and some that might just be long in the telling.
Vignettes of people not yet met and sunsets not yet set.

I will be back before you know it.
I promise.

Frosty just fell over again. Frosty the Snowman, that is.
The wind gusts keep knocking him on his molded plastic ass.
Actually his rotund side and his face.
So far his orange carrot-like nose is remaining intact.

Above Frosty’s head, my windchimes play a lovely melody.
Could be the Snowman’s eulogy if the wind blows low and long.
At least he will go out with a song.

I am fond of Frosty but I am in love with my windbells.

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