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You know that Paul Simon tune, Slip Sliding Away? Well it sort of sums up my re-entry into my life here instead of there, meaning where I was until last night. Last night when I boarded the airplane to leave there to return to here.

The Paul Simon diddy comes in when I gaze out of my south facing windows, at the piles of deep snow that has fallen here in my absence. Icy slippery driveway and walkways are a frequent by product as the temperatures go up and down and back up again.

Winter wonderland or no, I am happy to be back here in my own little rented 1970’s duplex bungalow.

I think that is a sign of a successful and exceptional vacation ~ when one returns feeling rested and ready to be home.

All sorts of experiences and food for thought will show up on these pages springing from my time away. Later though. Not today. Today it is good enough to be here from there. Good enough, indeed.

Actually, one could even say excellent.
Excellent enough.


While I am there and not here, I will be thinking of you little blog.
I will miss you. For sure.

But what’s that they say? Something about absense making the heart grow fonder.
True. At least part of the time.

No. Not buying it?

Well then…
Think of it this other way.
I will be bringing back lots of stories.
Stories about good times had and bad times missed.
Tales that are tall and some that might just be long in the telling.
Vignettes of people not yet met and sunsets not yet set.

I will be back before you know it.
I promise.

I have faith today that the fun I have been planning on, the fun that I have scheduled on my calendar, the fun that I have dared to let myself believe that I could participate in ~ that fun ~ will really be happening ~ soon.

Soon, as in later this week. There will be some necessary not so much in the fun department sort of shenanigans to endure on the way to the fun. Like airports and airplanes. But all that not fun stuff will be cancelled out by the days of fun in between the airports and airplanes non-fun.

At least that is what I am faithfully resting my believe in.
Faith. Fun. Sun. Ocean.
Beach. After beach.

Enough wishes that is.

A friend’s text asking me what I want to do on my upcoming tropical vacation prompted a spontaneous stream of answers ~

I want to go tandem handgliding ~ ziplining ~ first snorkeling venture ~ eat tons of food without gaining additional fat ~ walk for miles on the beach ~ go dancing ~ have fantasy man and/or woman ask me to dance ~ experience my best ever kiss ~ lie down ~ lie down and sleep ~ speed boating ~ kayaking ~ converse and laugh ~ converse and think deep earth shattering thoughts ~ be completely fear free the entire time ~ yoga at sunrise on the beach ~ horseback ride at sunset ~ full body massage ~ live the good life ~ live a simple life with a few blood churning and fast heartbeating moments thrown in here and there ~

As you can see, this soon-to-be vacationing woman requires more than three wishes.

Indeed, the tide is out on this lovely stretch of usually rocky beach. The view from my bluff perch takes in the bay, the green islands across the bay, and the snow covered mountains behind the islands. All of that, plus a growing width of sand, tide pools and eddies strewn with seaweed, shells, and beachy critters. Two-legged humans are strolling, running, and skipping and some are accompanied by stick fetching dog companions and canine swimmers.

Lots of cloud coverage with the sun playing a game of peek-a-shine every now and then.

There is a huge black and white barge moving steadily down the baywater.

Happy holidays my blogging friends, buddies, unknown-to-me’s, readers, and writers ~

This week sort of built up like a wave and rolled right over me. In fact, I’m still sort of, kind of rollin’ along. A few scrapes along the ocean bed before being sucked up and over again in the relentless waves of life.

Don’t worry though, I’m still breathing while I bump along. Laughing even. Hysterical laughter at times. But laughter nonetheless. You know how it is, right? There’s a huge adrenaline rush when one breaks above the crashing waves and takes a big gulp of life sustaining oxygen right before being pulled under again, again and again.

Life is like that. Sometimes.

And then there are the safe eddies here and there along the charted and uncharted course. Doldrums too. Don’t hang out too long in those, they can drive you mad with their calm that can stretch into day after day of sameness.

I’ve gotta go for now. Remember I told you, I’m rollin’ along ~ for now.

Back from my elongated weekend away visiting my favorita haunts at the loveliest and quaintest beach village in this Land of Prolonged Winters. While frolicking about on the shoreline, I re-assured myself that this little town does, indeed, exist and is not merely a figment of my imagination ~ an imagination that is often wild and outrageous.

Treated myself to a latte at my little bakery cafe one morning. Walked the beaches. Spent the lion’s share of my time beachcombing.

And to ease my way back into ‘real life,’ I plan to work from home tomorrow. A compromise, as I was planning on taking tomorrow off but realized that I have too much to accomplish by Wednesday to stick with the original plan. So to get my inner self to go along with this new agenda, I decided to work from mi casa.

Meanwhile, I am pleased that my getaway beach town is still rocking along. And, I am totally pleased that I get the pleasure of visiting it every now and then.

I never cease to be amazed and awed of the power and influence adults have in and over children of all ages. Being amazed, however, does not mean that I don’t sometimes forget. Forget that as an adult, in particular as a parent and for some time now as a Grammie, that I hold considerable influence in my family members’ lives.

Messages are sent constantly via body language, silence, story telling, and touch. Little pitchers have big ears and even when they appear to not be listening or watching or paying attention, they are and do. What are they seeing, hearing, surmising?

We don’t know and cannot know. What we can know for sure is that parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and older brothers and sisters are serving as role models each and every day. Kids do as we do and not so much as what we say.

Like I said, I stand in awe and amazement at the influence and sway that I hold in my grandkiddos’ lives.

The point at which I stand and move about. The trailhead of my elongated weekend. The launching off place. This “x” marks the spot place. That is where I am at.

Wondrous vistas lay in front of me. Mellow moments wait to be savored. Wild adventures to be had. Tempting dishes beg to be devoured. Later. When I arrive ~ to that moment ~ in time.

Only the rest of today and all of tomorrow stand between me and a glorious five day interlude from work ~ between me and the sound and feel of rocks and sand shifting beneath my feet as I walk along the water’s edge on my most favorite beach in the whole world ~

I don’t mind that the hours worked in this in between space will equal 20+. The hours will go by fast. Time always does when one is engaged and focused and the work that I do demands both engagement and focused attention. And every now and then when I feel the fatigue creep in or the anxiousness of the moment, I will hear the ocean’s waves and feel the the wind on my rosy cheeks as I walk along the water’s edge ~

Because I will soon be there ~ just past tomorrow ~

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