1. I make Snaps, aka Snapdragon Flowers, talk by pressing on their little faces and doing my best ventriloquist impersonations.  This has been known to cause walking companions to run away in embarrassment.
  2. I name inanimate objects in my life such as Buster Blue aka my car, Toshi aka my laptop, Harvey aka my beloved former car, etc.
  3. I make Snaps talk the most to those who shun their conversations.
  4. I rhymed most of my conversations with my dog companion of 11 years (e.g., she was the ‘bestest of the mestest, the greatest of the weightest. the most bootiful of the wootiful…’).
  5. I taught my grandkids to say “um, um, doggies” in an exaggerated fashion after they ate a mouthful of food that I had cooked for them.
  6. I taught my grandkids the proper way to eat black pitted olives by first placing an olive on each of their little grimy extended fingers.
  7. I have a thing for mirrors (see, Lost Face essay) and hang, set, and place them everywhere in my home.
  8. I love shiny things like crystal prisms.
  9. One of my most favorite sensations is the cool breeze teasing my skin, particularly during an afternoon nap.
  10. I am a saltaholic – have to have the coarse chunks of it – the Kosher kind.
  11. Sometimes all I really want to eat is salt but to be socially accepted, I’ll choose an actual food item to serve as the vehicle for the salt.
  12. I’m not that crazy for diamonds or pearls.
  13. Without realizing what was happening, I began collecting roosters – not the real live feathered kind but glass or ceramic or pottery or metal or wood kinds, both big and small.  Go figure or crow, whichever comes first.
  14. I collect Buddhas.  I have a bunch of Buddhas.
  15. I  am attracted to blown glass balls (not that kind of balls you sicko. Tee hee.).
  16. I have three blown glass balls.
  17. One of them is a witch’s ball that purportedly traps the bad vibes inside before they can get to me while I’m sleeping.
  18. I absolutely love the beach and ocean ~ so spiritually restorative and invigorating, while simultaneously calming and soothing.
  19. I think money is filthy – not the value of it or the amount, but the actual money itself.  I mean, think of where all people keep money – eeeew and yuck.  On second thought, don’t think about it – it’s nasty.
  20. I love cooking for my daughter and grandkiddos.
  21. I love cooking for my friends (except for the times when they grumbles about the amount of garlic).
  22. To me, cooking for those I love is a tangible way to show my love for them.
  23. I have this habit of counting the number of friends I have at any given moment.
  24. I do not have as many current friendships that I had in my 20’s and 30’s.
  25. My favorite scented oil is patchouli.
  26. One of the benefits of being Korean is that I do not have underarm odor.
  27. This is a good thing as I have a very keen sense of smell.  Yep, the old olfactory system works pretty doggone good.  In fact, I could almost have been a search and rescue human sniffer.  Okay, yuck.  That sounds gross.
  28. Another benefit of being Korean is that I have minimal body hair thus eliminating the decision of whether or not to shave my legs or armpits.
  29. As a feminist and once upon a time, a separtist lesbian identified woman, this is a big deal.
  30. I love trance dance.
  31. I want to learn the art of writing fiction.
  32. I think I could easily be a hermit.
  33. If I ever succumb to this way of life, I think I will be a very weird hermit.
  34. I like gospel music and know the lyrics of many many spiritual and religious songs.  For those gospel music hater’s out there, it’s not so bad if you just ignore the meaning of the words and just go with the melodies…
  35. Each time I purchase a Super Lotto and/or Mega Million lotto ticket, excitement and hope springs up inside of me.
  36. Somebody wins.  It could be me as well as anybody else.
  37. Poppies are my favorite flower – all types of poppies.
  38. Hyacinths are my favorite flower fragrance.
  39. One of the bravest things I have done was parasailing in Puerto Vallarta.
  40. I sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” the entire time I was airborne because when I was silent, I thought I was going to pee my pants from fright.  I sang at the top of my lungs.  The entire time.  I did not pee my pants.
  41. I had a grand time nonetheless and I did not pee my pants.
  42. I would definitely parasail again.
  43. I want to handglide.
  44. I use holiday lights indoors year round – they add gaiety and warmth, plus they sparkle and I like sparkle.
  45. One phrase I use a lot is “holy hell.”
  46. Another oft used phrase is “if you receive my meaning.”
  47. My prized possessions are the ceramic hedge hogs that my daughter made for me when she was young.  There is a big one and a little one and she told me that the big one was me and the little one was her.  The big one has a gimpy leg and rocks gently back and forth when you press on her back.
  48. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done was to send my original naturalization papers to the US Government via the US mail service to procure a passport.  The naturalization paper was the only proof I had that I was an American citizen since I have no birth certificate.  When they returned the naturalization paper to me, it was folded in thirds – the bureaucratic bastards.
  49. I believe in tarot cards.
  50. I think Salma Hayek is beautiful.
  51. I have a crush on Star Trek Voyager’s Chakotay.
  52. I only like to play Hearts if I can win.
  53. I have been known to cry when losing at Scrabble.
  54. I have a thing for magazines.  They are such an extravagant purchase and then I don’t want to get rid of them.  I once had over 20 boxes full of magazines.  That wouldn’t have been that big a deal except for the fact that I moved, a lot.  Friends eventually caught on (well one in particular, who then spread the word to all of my helpers) that all of the boxes marked books were not all literature kinds of books.  They weren’t very happy.  For future moves, they made me open the boxes marked ‘books’ to prove that they were really books.  So I started putting a layer of books on top of the magazines.
  55. I used to only purchase panty hose when it was on sale for under a buck.  I could make one pair last at least six months.
  56. Harvesting wild berries calms my soul.
  57. Sometimes I am afraid that I have lived in cities for so long that I have grown uncomfortable with the wildness of the countryside.
  58. I earned my doctoral degree in psychology following an entire career in another unrelated field.
  59. I took the EPPP, the national licensing exam.
  60. I learned that I had passed the EPPP.  Meaning that I passed the dang thing in one try, in the first time out of the gate, without having to re-take the trickster.
  61. I took and passed the state ethic’s exam.
  62. This woman is a full fledged Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist in at least one State of the Union.  Holy Moley!  and Hallelujah, strike up the band!

[to be continued as more tantalizing tidbits make themselves known]