Even while I typed the title to this post, I caught up to the fact that even when it feels that we are all that we have in any given moment, that we are cradled in the arms of the Universe or surrounded by the love of those far away.  We are most likely never truly all alone nor all that we have.  Our emotions can tell us that we are totally alone.  I know this, too, as a fact because that is what exactly what my heart and gut felt earlier this afternoon when my daughter turned and walked away pulling her suitcase and disappeared through the hotel lobby door.  At that moment, I most certainly felt bereft and inconsolable.

And now here a few hours later and I am gathering my knowing, calling upon my faith and praying.  Hard.  Dear Universal Powers That Be.  Dear spirit of Annie Rosa Lee Dog.  Dear Guardian Angels.  Dear Whomever or Whatever Help Outside of Myself ~ Please be here with me right now.  Please help me locate and hold onto my own inner strength, faith and hard earned life wisdom.  Please help me know that I am being cradled, soothed and comforted in my hours of need.

Tomorrow holds yet more unknowns and new-to-me demands.  And I am alone, at least physically.  Loved ones are far away and I feel their absence mightily.