We think we know.  We swear we know.  We know we know.  And yet we don’t know a damned thing.

At least I know at this point in my life that I don’t know nothing about nothing and that I am merely a student on this Earth Plane.  As I prepare to leave everything that I have known and strike out on another Highway of Life Road, all by myself with just me, myself and I as a constant companion, I truly mean it when I say ~ I know nothing.

Today, as I culled through box after box of ‘important’ paperwork, journals, calendars, memorabilia, tax returns, job evaluations, graduate research, graduate papers, recipes, photographs, a lifetime of letters, cards (birthday, congratulations, condolences and holidays), car titles, car repairs, rental applications, adoption research, book proposals, undergraduate papers and evaluations and art proposals ~ I couldn’t help but think, Oh My God.  OMGosh, I did all of this?  And immediately, OMGosh, this is all there is to a life of many years?

Because for all that I have attempted, achieved, failed to fulfill ~ what I have (or had) were boxes and boxes of paper.

My shared apartment dumpster is full.  To the brim.