Yes. When coming up on the “Y” in the road, run; as fast as your legs or your motorized vehicle can take you.  But first one must blast themselves past or at least out of the paralysis or quick sand or vice grip that has them frozen in time and space.  That is, if one is akin to me.

I am preparing to begin anew.  Starting all over.  Again.  And yet it’s all brand new because I have never started over in quite the same fashion that I am now.  I am moving out of state to begin a new job.  I am leaving behind my family, my friends, my soon to be former work colleagues, 99% of my material belongings, my comfort zone and my current geographic surroundings, which for all intents and purposes are pretty dang astounding.

I have done all of the above or the aforementioned, before.  And yet, not quite like this.  The differences being = I am older in age; not tethered or anchored to a primary partner; and, the biggest difference is the intention fueling these changes.  I am choosing for the very first time in my life to put down roots and grow a life, both personally and professionally, in my new home state.  More specifically, my intention is to actually live, thrive, contribute and build a full and satisfying life where I land.  In other words, this intentional move is HUGE.

When are all of these changes occurring?  Right now, baby.  Right now.


That is after I locate the match or lighter to ignite the bundle of dynamite required to blast myself into action.  Cuz this ain’t no magical thinking deal, no godmother genie gonna come up in here and sort, pack up and deliver all of my material belongings to their new homes with other folks.  Nope.  That’s all on me.  Gotta get her done and in a hurry.  Come on self.  You can do it!