All of my life I have been a learner.  An avid learner and seeker of information, new ideas, fresh perspectives, truth, dark hidden places and secrets.  As a returning or non-traditional student in grad school I quickly learned the powers of reference lists and bibliographies.  Keys that unlocked treasure troves of knowledge, research, assumptions, lies, hidden bias, brand new theories based on old tried and true or not-so-true foundations and even more reference lists.  A learner’s paradise or never-can-read-everything-related-to-most-recently-adopted-passionate-topic sort of hell. 

Today was a day of learning and rich dialogue.  A most excellent day spent at a training on a topic near and dear to my heart, interest and chosen profession.  The training module centered around clinical supervision in rural areas working with indigenous people and some of the trainers and participants were authentically present and dynamically engaged.  A most superb day, indeed. 

If there was a phrase that describes me the best, I do believe I would choose that of a lifelong learner.  The process of acquiring new ideas and methods is invigorating.  I am all lit up from the experience of shared learning and am ever so grate-full to return to my sunfilled living room awash in golden sunshiny rays.