I must admit that I am somewhat of a compliment hound.  I soak up others’ appreciation of me and my efforts like a thirsty sponge.  A kind word.  A few words of acknowlegement of my worth.  A bright sunny smile accompanied with a little praise.  A nod of the head meant to convey kudos to me for a job well done.  All of these inspire me to toward positivity and being my best self. 

Self worth is at its best coming from within.  Why have our mood and our self view be so vulnerable, so at the mercy of external feedback?  Best to have our very own anchor to keep us steady when the winds of life toss us about on the open ocean. 

My head gets that concept.  My rational analytical brain nods in agreement to this premise, the idea that self worth must come from mine own self.  In real time, however, the Compliment Hound and Praise Sponge parts of me actively scan my environment for positive reinforcers of my worth. 

Just for today, I choose to appreciate both the Hound and the Sponge.  Afterall, I love canines and sponges come in mighty handy ~ perfect complements (wink) to my sturdy well-anchored sense of self worth.