Events in my week conspired to remind me in multiple modalities to keep things simple. To return to the simple ways of life. To actively re-incorporate simplicity into my clinical work with the youth whom I serve and their families. To embrace myself through acts of simple acceptance. To uncomplicate my life in order to continue to thrive and grow instead of reverting to merely surviving.

I participated in a training workshop focused on delivering services to individuals who are considered cognitively impaired. The material reminded me that therapeutic progress is a journey. Reminded me that often times progress made by one’s soul or spirit cannot and should not be subjected to statistical analysis. No standard deviations nor quantitative studies need apply.

Change, even when defined as positive and maybe even more so when it is, has a split personality. At once both life changing and simple. Simplicity in its finest and most elemental form.

So at the end of this particular week, I am filled with a simple appreciation for my life ~ the part already lived ~ the moment I am experincing ~ and the part I anticipate with simple faith ahead of me.