A bright and shiny new leaf is now on full display.  This calendar year is brand spanking new and filled to the brim with potential for goodness greatness and gladness. 

I feel a sense of promise and a lightness of being with the prospect of this changing of the guard.  Psychological underpinnings I am sure.  After all, this first day of the first month of this particular new year is arbitrary and yet another attempt by my species to control even time ~ over which we mere mortals simply have not the right nor expertise.

Makes no never mind. 

Not in my psyche heart nor spirit.  Not today  Not in this moment.
For in this particular moment, on this first day of the first month of this fresh new year, I feel a synchornicity with life and a simple joy in being alive that I have not felt in a very long long time.

So whether this year unfolds as a bright and shiny joy ride or a quiet contemplative exercise in living, I am grateful to have a demarcation of the old and the new ~ the already lived and the yet to come.

Happy New Year ~