The last chapter is coming to a close on the year of 2011 and a true page turner this calendar year has been. Given the health challenges that were included in this particular year book, I can honestly say that this is a year that I am happy to read The End on the closing credits.

Of course there is always a Page 2 or the Other Side of any any story and that is true with this 2011 novel. Along with the challenges and out-and-out horrid vignettes there have been positive movement forward, new beginnings and reclaiming of some good stuff lost along the way.

So I am not exactly saying to 2011 to not let the book cover slap it on the butt on its way out… nor am I saying even a good riddance followed by an irritated harrumph…

At least not totally.

What I am stating, however, is that I am looking mighty forward to this new calendar year, this new book of 2012. Because at this juncture, before the cover page has even been turned, the year holds promise after promise ~ potential after potential ~ hope after hope and wish after wish, for a solidly great read filled with high adventure, laughter, a few tears of gratitude, and vigorous living.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, I must remind us that we are not quite finished with the current reading of our 2011 book. Just a few more pages to go but remember that some of the really good stuff happens right before the story comes to a close.