Where I am vacationing this week the talk, the buzz word amongst the locals, is “unseasonably,” as in unseasonably cold. Visitors such as myself are easily distinguishable from the permanent citizenry by our difference in outdoors apparel, ranging from shorts and a flip flop sighting here and there to the down jacketed and cashmere scarved folks.

Unseasonably translates differently depending on where the visitors hail from ~ their home average temperature for the month of Decemeber.

For me, the traveler from the Land of the Frozen Faced Ones From a Far Distant North Land, this unseasonable is tantamount to summer temps. I am not sporting shorts and a flip flop is not within my reach. However, there is a big smile plastered to my face.

My feet are happy to walk on the beautiful sandy beaches.
My eyes search the ground for sea shells.
My ears listen to the soothing sounds of the waves.
The breeze is bracing and reminds me over and over again that I am glad to be alive.

Unseasonable aliveness.