Tonight I am scheduled to leave on the proverbial red-eye flight. Scheduled to take my leave of this winter wonderland, this Frozen for a Good Long While North Land. I will be heading to warmer climes with daylight that persists past 3:45 in the afternoon.

That is if those Santa Ana winds take mercy on the skies and let the airplane I will be packed onto hang in the regions above firm ground. I am hoping, quite fiercely, that the Santa Anas are a bit worn out from their recent show of power.

When I return to the Land of Snow Ice and Cold of the North Land, we will be closer to one of my most favorite of all days in the winter ~ solstice. The day that we stop losing daylight and soon begin re-gaining those precious minutes of light.

Winter solstice does not herald the end of winter. Winter weather continues here in this region of the planet well into March and April. Winter solstice does bring back the element that makes the 5th and 6th months of winter more bearable ~ light and potential sunshine.

For now, I will take my leave ~ re-charge my internal batteries ~ soak in some sun rays ~ walk along the edge of the ocean and listen to its ever changing song.