By the end of today, seven whole full entire days will have passed without a head swipe from my BBV (aka Bastard Buddy Vertigo). These past almost seven 24-hour time loops have ushered in the most vertigo free I have felt since February of this year. Still sleeping vertically but progress is progress and there is much progress.

Dare I hope for a full remission or even a permanent adios to this condition?
Or is the most appropriate response to simply accept and enjoy what I have in the moment?
Maybe a little and alot of both ~

Do you believe in jinx’es?
Are you superstitious?
I am. Even when I don’t want to be.

I was raised by a Southern woman. She was a true believer in superstition. In fact, for all I know my mama could have invented the word, if you receive my meaning.

So, as superstition might have it I must not look good fortune in the eye lest I jinx myself.
Maybe if I just do some quiet celebrating with eyes downcast…
But with a smile on my lips and joy in my heart ~