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I went for a little visit over at   And since then, Joy’s idea of creating a time capsule has been popcorning around in my head.

Popcorning, careening, burbling and marinading

Since I have barely been able to stifle my creative self’s unmitigated joy and enthusiasm for this project, it looks highly possible that I will be fashioning a time capsule of my very own.

I love the idea of intentionally placing mementos and reminders of my life today into a receptacle that will not be opened or peeked at for seven whole years. In our short human lifespan, a lot of life and living is crammed into seven years. A whole of experiences, ups and downs, ins and outs, progress toward goals, shape shifting  and imagined dreams.

As well as a whole lot of forgetting of daily living, goals identified that prove to be so fleeting one cannot recall them seven years in the future. Yes, the body of what I remember is not as large as what I have forgotten in my conscious mind.

What a great project idea and the timing is impeccable. Don’t you think?
Let’s do it!
Let’s make our own time capsules!

Thank you, Joy, for the suggestion ~

The last chapter is coming to a close on the year of 2011 and a true page turner this calendar year has been. Given the health challenges that were included in this particular year book, I can honestly say that this is a year that I am happy to read The End on the closing credits.

Of course there is always a Page 2 or the Other Side of any any story and that is true with this 2011 novel. Along with the challenges and out-and-out horrid vignettes there have been positive movement forward, new beginnings and reclaiming of some good stuff lost along the way.

So I am not exactly saying to 2011 to not let the book cover slap it on the butt on its way out… nor am I saying even a good riddance followed by an irritated harrumph…

At least not totally.

What I am stating, however, is that I am looking mighty forward to this new calendar year, this new book of 2012. Because at this juncture, before the cover page has even been turned, the year holds promise after promise ~ potential after potential ~ hope after hope and wish after wish, for a solidly great read filled with high adventure, laughter, a few tears of gratitude, and vigorous living.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, I must remind us that we are not quite finished with the current reading of our 2011 book. Just a few more pages to go but remember that some of the really good stuff happens right before the story comes to a close.

Waking to a peaceful quiet this Christmas morning, my thoughts turned immediately to the blessings in my life ~ of which there are many. A humbling exercise of gratitude.

How is it that I have so much at this juncture in time? So much life, so much healing taking place inside my mind, body, psyche and soul, so much love, so much ability to experience living on multiple levels, so much sustenance providing food and clean water and so much wonder and delight.

I am blessed. Indeed.
Over and over and over, again.

I do not want to squander a single solitary moment of this blessed life that I am given.

We have passed the Winter Solstice here in the Gloaming That We North Lander’s Call Winter. Yesterday we gained 2 seconds of extra daylight and today we quickly added 14 more precious minutes of daylight ~ all within a 24 hour cycle.

So tonight I am planning on doing what any properly grateful daylight lover would do and I am hosting a Winter Solstice Celebration at mi casa. There will be a small group of joyous revelers joining together to celebrate this magnificent annual event.

We will lift our cups of Hot Gingerbread Punch replete with whipped cream and cinnamon spice on top and pronounce that life has just gotten 16 minutes lighter than three days ago.

I wish you could be here to join in the merriment ~ I truly do.

Well not quite, decked and sparkled out, yet. But I’m moving in that direction and soon my little 1970’s ranch style duplex rental will be properly attired to welcome the holiday and solstice season.

No holiday tree for me again this year and I have had a moment here and there of bumming hard about the lack of the real deal greenery. It’s okay though. Soon I will be filling ginger jars and Mexican blown glass pitchers with glowing holiday lights and surrounding them with shiny and sparkly glass baubles. Yes, soon the home and hearth will be looking full on glittered up.

And then there are the handmade fabric stuffed Frosty’s, the lit from within ceramic holiday trees and other precious ornaments from yesteryear that will be so happy to be sprung from their packing crates. They will sit proudly on bookshelves, mantel, table tops and counters, awaiting the compliments and soft caresses sure to come their way ~ soon.

So I best get busy ~
As soon as I finish sipping this cup of spicy tea ~

This weekend I am re-connecting with the glue that gives my life the texture and richness bright swirls cloudy dark nights and most of all the love in my heart.

Yesterday I watched my daughter navigate her day, and a busy day it was, with competence humor and grace and in all of the potential holiday craziness, I had several occasions when I said out loud, to myself ~ you are my family ~ you own a big big chunk of my heart ~

Today I will be spending time with my sister and as much as we can push one another’s buttons, we can make the other one laugh harder and longer than any other human on the planet can. We are sisters. I am thinking that there will be an occasion or two when I might gaze at her and say the same words ~ you are my family ~ you own a big big chunk of my heart ~

These times are the best of the holiday season ~ I am a lucky and grateful woman today ~ my family is near ~ within hugging range ~

Winter solstice is closing in on us here in the Land of Growing Darker by the Minute Winter Wonder North Land. We are losing only a little over one minute of daylight per day at this point and before the big day arrives, the loss will be under a minute.

Those seconds and minutes add up. Fast.
Actually they subtract. Fast.
From the daylight.

We are so close to the Winter Solstice that my psyche has already begun its celebration and welcoming back of the light.

So close ~
the countdown is under way ~

Life experience. There’s nothing like it. There’s nothing that can take its place. Life lessons.

Lessons learned yesterday, one week before, several years previous, a decade or two in the past. These life lessons when learned and understood, add to our wisdom.

Today, I benefited from life lessons and experiences that began many years ago and continued to come around the bend quite frequently. These particular lessons were tough to live through. At times these experiences challenged my belief in human goodness.

Some might say that I survived these particular life lessons. Today’s experience reminded me that I am more than a survivor ~ I am a thriver.

Speaking truth to power.
Without breaking a sweat.

Holiday tunes
in my head

New ones. Old ones.
Some invited
not so much.

Each playing to the
beat of their own
little drum ~
@ junemoon 2011

Later today, I am scheduled to board an airplane which will connect me to another airplane which is then scheduled to deliver me back to the Land of Frozen Frosty and Downright Cold Far North Land.

As a result of these scheduled plans, I find myself in need of immediate use of a working and readable Global Positioning System (GPS). This is proactive planning ahead for the just in case scenario that I mis-locate my current state of joy and being stoked with life and living. Let’s be real. It could happen.

And if I do lose my way, fall sharply out of sync with my recently re-acquaintance with exuberance for living a fully engaged and participatory life, I want to be able to find my way back.


December 2011