Wishes. On my mind of late. Glimpses of things ~ activities ~ adventures ~ special moments ~ that I hope to experience in this life time.

Something about the 50-year range in a human lifespan that prompts one to become aware that there are more days already lived than days that will unfold in the future. This is not a morbid train of thought. Simply a life truth at this juncture in time ~ at this time in my life.

I reject the term bucket list. I just plain do not like the phraseology.
I refuse to plunk my wishes hopes and goals into a bucket.
Particularly not a galvanized metal bucket.
The kind with a handle that squeaks when lifted.

Instead, the container for my wishes is a pretty one ~ velvety brilliant and sparkly all at once. And in this perfectly weighted beautiful container, the following hoped for experiences await their turn to become reality ~

~ be fitted for a squirrel flying suit and go soaring from a cliff, safe landing and all

~ tandem skydive, with skilled partner, safe landing and all

~ return to actively creating art, particularly collage pieces

~ private practice, a collaboration with other like-minded clinicians of color

~ accept and embrace my physical self

~ let go of my fears, particularly the ones I use to hold me and my life’s progress hostage

This list is incomplete and is continually refreshed revised and amended. Life is great that way ~ we get to change our minds. And we get to make different choices.