That’s what I am doing this morning. Snugglin’ and settlin’ down in my cozy abode as the snow continues to fall outside my west and south facing windows. I imagine if I roused myself from my current totally comfortable position and peeked from my east facing windows, that I might spy more of the white snowflakes free falling from the grey sky.

There is a weather advisory as well as a special winter warning broadcasting on my smart phone weather app. Yep, if there was any doubt in my mind ~ any facination whatsoever ~ in joining the multitude of shoppers or movie go’ers on this day after Thanks Giving… Well, let’s just say that this dual weather advisory and warning would disabuse me of any such notions. Quickly.

Instead, I will admire the trees in their fresh new adornment. Marvel at how much snow can build up on a skinny tree limb before it gives sway under the weight of its white finery. Sip on hot tea from my favorita pottery mug. The one with the pale blue-ish grey interior. The one whose handle fits my fingers just so.

Mostly though, I am content to snuggle and relax ~ all toasty warm ~ on a cold winter’s day in the Definitely Frozen For A Good Long While North Land.