We are almost to the one day of the year that we set aside in the United States to give thanks for our blessings.

I am aware of the controversey over the myth and/or lies about the first Thanksgiving meal. Though today on the eve of the day of giving thanks, I am separating the two focuses. The politically charged arguments are legitimate and important and deserve to be discussed and mulled over. And I have and will continue to dialogue with folks and challenge the old ways of being.

For this evening though, my energies are converging on reminding myself of all that I have in my life. The utter abundance that is mine every single day.

I have strayed from this knowledge this year. My world has become increasingly narrow as my vertigo condition continued to plague me ~ at times draining my will to live ~ sapping me of the ability to focus just outside of my misery to the beauty all around me, outside of the haze of un-health.

It is time to garner my life forces, my spirit guides, my Earth teachers, my inner strength and wisdom. It is time to look beyond my suffering to the abundant fields beyond ~ not so far away.

So tonight I am grateful for this truth ~ we get to start over in any moment, at any time, in any season.

Thank you Universal Gods and Goddesses, Annie Rosa Lee Dog and Each and Every One of my Guardian Angels.