I suppose that rifts, both relational and continental earth mass varieties, occur after considerable drift. Drifting away from one another.

Whether the initial drift was mutually agreed upon, silently or by verbal pact, or unilaterally, with one entity attempting to expand or erect boundaries where once there was just a flowing into one another ~ the end result, the rift, is the same.

I suppose.

Growing pains are real. I have witnessed big tall guys, the ones we tell to be strong and to “man up,” brought to their knees by the joint bone and muscle pain caused by their rapid growth. I still recall one young man’s surpised expression when hearing the cause of his nightly excruciating agony. What? You mean my own body is doing this to me?

For some reason this memory drifted into my mind’s eye as I was studiously contemplating the whole rift conundrum.

Growing up, breaking off from another, expanding ~ drifting.

Yes. I can see the connections.

Now, what to do with the resulting rift?