You know that scene in Out of Africa where Robert Redford says to Meryl Streep, “Don’t move, be still”? I might be mis-quoting just a little since it has been quite a long time since I got all steamy hot watching their hot hot love scene ~ but the quote is close enough. Redford’s command to Streep was sexy and full of promise of lustful fulfillment.

Long pause with a rewind or two in my my mind’s eye of that terrifically sensual and sexual scene.

I’m back.

Well, my current be still edict is a far cry from that movie clip. So far removed, in fact, that there can be little to no comparison. I must admit that my intro was simply a cheap erotic ploy at grabbing the reader’s interest.

Mea culpa.

Basically I am commanded to be still to assist the Epley head manipulations to work by allowing the crystals in my inner ears to settle back into the place where they are supposed to reside instead of where they have been free floating. Free floating and prancing about doing the macarena or the electric slide, all of which trigger the violent episodes of vertigo in their host. ME.

The manipulation I received yesterday was the fourth so far with others planned for next week. After each treatment, I must hold my head as still as humanly possible ~ no tilting forward or back, for 48 hours. The fact that I must sleep upright is a no biggy at this point since that has been my sleeping position for going on 11 months now.

This vertigo condition has me by the short hairs. I’m out of rope, man. All done in.

For each step forward, I get knocked down and back 2 or 3.

What I would give to take Meryl’s part in that one clip. I’ll take a pass on the rest of her ordeal, including battling the STD – I guess you have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about. But that one bedroom scene with Redford in his younger years… Yep, for being in Ms. Streep’s role in that one scene, I would risk lying down.

I think I could do an excellent job at being still.