It used to be that I did not prize or even yearn for a garage in which to park my vehicle during the long long months of cold bitter temps. Nope. No pining away for a heated four walls and a roof to park my car. Not even when tons of snow fell as it often and almost always does in this land of long and extra long winters.

But that was in my foolish youth. Those vagabond years. Those come what may and what the hey, years. Back when I was limber and physically flexible. Back before these extra long seemingly unending winters took their ever living toll on my psyche.

This winter I do have a heated garage. No, that is inaccurate.
Buster Blue, my vehicle companion, has a heated garage.
And boy howdy, does he love the everliving daylights out of his little abode. I swear he has a smile on his face when I see him first thing in the morning.

Making my Buster Blue happy, makes my day.
Here’s to you Buster and to many a warm night spent in your new house.