You know that Paul Simon tune, Slip Sliding Away? Well it sort of sums up my re-entry into my life here instead of there, meaning where I was until last night. Last night when I boarded the airplane to leave there to return to here.

The Paul Simon diddy comes in when I gaze out of my south facing windows, at the piles of deep snow that has fallen here in my absence. Icy slippery driveway and walkways are a frequent by product as the temperatures go up and down and back up again.

Winter wonderland or no, I am happy to be back here in my own little rented 1970’s duplex bungalow.

I think that is a sign of a successful and exceptional vacation ~ when one returns feeling rested and ready to be home.

All sorts of experiences and food for thought will show up on these pages springing from my time away. Later though. Not today. Today it is good enough to be here from there. Good enough, indeed.

Actually, one could even say excellent.
Excellent enough.