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I love my chosen profession. My natural curiosity into what makes people tick and a generally empathetic nature are qualities that serve me well as a psychologist.

I have heard people say that nothing in life surprises them ~ implying that they have either witnessed and/or experienced first-hand so much misery or astounding miracles that they are now impervious to anything else that life could reveal.

Me, on the other hand, find myself continually surprised by human nature, of what our species can accomplish, create, destroy, deny, manfiest, spring back from, endure and the list goes on and on. The ways in which people regularly surprise me in their behaviors or actions is, indeed, a lengthy list.

I am grateful for the capacity to be surprised by our very natures, reactions, responses, resiliency, and behaviors. These surprises enrich my life, educate me, broaden my perspectives, inspire me, illuminate my blind spots, and strengthen me, which in turn improves my ability to deliver competent and compassionate services to my clients.

Today, I was surprised.
Today, I grew.
Growth is good.

The December holiday season is almost here. Just a jingle away actually. Retailers are knocking down our doors, both the cyberspace and home doors. Rudolph is checking the batteries for his red blinking nose. Frosty is shimmering out in the snow.

Time to decorate and cheer up the dark days and long winter nights with holiday lights and a myriad of shiny sparkly baubles and glass balls.

Put your favorite holiday tune on and sing along.

Let’s get our jingle on.

Wishes. On my mind of late. Glimpses of things ~ activities ~ adventures ~ special moments ~ that I hope to experience in this life time.

Something about the 50-year range in a human lifespan that prompts one to become aware that there are more days already lived than days that will unfold in the future. This is not a morbid train of thought. Simply a life truth at this juncture in time ~ at this time in my life.

I reject the term bucket list. I just plain do not like the phraseology.
I refuse to plunk my wishes hopes and goals into a bucket.
Particularly not a galvanized metal bucket.
The kind with a handle that squeaks when lifted.

Instead, the container for my wishes is a pretty one ~ velvety brilliant and sparkly all at once. And in this perfectly weighted beautiful container, the following hoped for experiences await their turn to become reality ~

~ be fitted for a squirrel flying suit and go soaring from a cliff, safe landing and all

~ tandem skydive, with skilled partner, safe landing and all

~ return to actively creating art, particularly collage pieces

~ private practice, a collaboration with other like-minded clinicians of color

~ accept and embrace my physical self

~ let go of my fears, particularly the ones I use to hold me and my life’s progress hostage

This list is incomplete and is continually refreshed revised and amended. Life is great that way ~ we get to change our minds. And we get to make different choices.

You know that old adage ~ when life hands you lemons, make lemonade? Well in my current case that saying could be applied with one caveat ~ when life hands you lemons, make lemonade and make sure it is sodium free.

Say it ain’t true.
Please oh please.

But yet it is.

My favorita food group ~ salt ~ has been all but eliminated from my eating plan.

All in hope of making my body such an inhospitable guest home that my Bastard Buddy Vertigo will move on. As in stop mooching a free and dizzy ride. As in flee his not so happy home.

But hey Buddy V before you go, have a glass of sodium free lemonade. On the house. After all, you did supply the lemons.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I realize that lemonade is not typically made with salt ~ that is unless one is mixing up a batch of lemonade margaritas.)

So I took a little poetic license ~ sue me. Why don’t you take a load off and have a sip or two of my salt free lemonade. Supplies are limited.

McKenzie over at mommysaidaswearword has given me my first (ever) super (duper) cool blogging award. Wow! Not only did I WIN an award but it was gifted to me by a sister blogger whose words and sharing I respect and utterly appreciate ~ McKenzie makes me laugh out loud and think and ponder ~ all pasttimes that I enjoy.

In accepting the award, I am tasked with sharing seven (7) secrets about myself. That’s a thinker, that task is. I already have the 62 trivial and tantalizing tidbits about myself page to my little blog… But hey, we all harbor secrets, right? Our shadow selves? Our too quirky to still be considered eccentric components. Right?? Okay here goes, the big “reveal” (re-appropriating an HGTV term) ~ hope we’re still buddies at the end ~

1 ~ I haven’t met any kind of goat cheese that I like, so far.

2 ~ I eat popcorn one kernel at a time and have been known to look down upon folks who shovel hand-fulls into their open gaping sometimes still chomping on the last hand-full, mouths. (Yes, I do understand that judging others is wrong. completely wrong minded. twisted. and tainted.)

3 ~ I, along with thousands of others, dread to see babies and little tykes boarding the same airplane that I will be tortured flying on. No matter how cute. or beautiful. the little one is. I feel dread and the internal begging begins, which goes akin to this, “dear god, please oh please oh please oh please, do not have me sitting beside the baby.” (Yes, I do know that it is not the infant’s fault that they cry ~ their poor little ears hurt. And yes, I do know that the tyke who keeps kicking the back of my ill fitting seat is not the devil’s spawn but, instead, a poor wee one who is as sick as I am of being cooped up like an everdead sardine.) I still say the endless loop prayer.

4 ~ When I am really super stressed, I fantasize about the perfect home ~ the location, the floors (polished stained concrete, hardwood, bamboo) ~ the views…

5 ~ I love, as in deeply, love my smart phone. (Yes, I understand that it is wrong minded to love an inanimate object, a mere piece of technology ~ but, I do and what’s more, I tell it so every day).

6 ~ I still do not know what I really look like even though I am more than half way through this life time. Glimpses, here and again. but nothing permanent or lasting.

7 ~ I still miss my first omma.

Well, that went quicker than I imagined it might. The second and last part of receiving this award is sharing 15 blogs that I follow and enjoy. Now, that’s a no problem sort of task. In fact, I am honored to list the following blogs and to encourage folks to check them out ~ some are uber funny, others contemplative in nature ~ but all of them have enriched my life in some fashion or another, time after time. Oh, and remember to check out mymommysaidaswearword afterall, McKenzie is the one who chose me to receive this fantastic award.

Happy reading ~

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Hello Korea!

That’s what I am doing this morning. Snugglin’ and settlin’ down in my cozy abode as the snow continues to fall outside my west and south facing windows. I imagine if I roused myself from my current totally comfortable position and peeked from my east facing windows, that I might spy more of the white snowflakes free falling from the grey sky.

There is a weather advisory as well as a special winter warning broadcasting on my smart phone weather app. Yep, if there was any doubt in my mind ~ any facination whatsoever ~ in joining the multitude of shoppers or movie go’ers on this day after Thanks Giving… Well, let’s just say that this dual weather advisory and warning would disabuse me of any such notions. Quickly.

Instead, I will admire the trees in their fresh new adornment. Marvel at how much snow can build up on a skinny tree limb before it gives sway under the weight of its white finery. Sip on hot tea from my favorita pottery mug. The one with the pale blue-ish grey interior. The one whose handle fits my fingers just so.

Mostly though, I am content to snuggle and relax ~ all toasty warm ~ on a cold winter’s day in the Definitely Frozen For A Good Long While North Land.

in my corner of this Earth planet,
I sit on my autumn hued paisley sofa
laptop literally on my lap
morning cup of peppermint tea to the left of me
feet propped on the oversized sienna leather ottoman ~
feeling quite filled up
with wonder ~ renewed gratitude ~
a veritable melody plays in my core.
Be still ~ please.
Can you hear the song of my heart?
(c) junemoon 2011

We are almost to the one day of the year that we set aside in the United States to give thanks for our blessings.

I am aware of the controversey over the myth and/or lies about the first Thanksgiving meal. Though today on the eve of the day of giving thanks, I am separating the two focuses. The politically charged arguments are legitimate and important and deserve to be discussed and mulled over. And I have and will continue to dialogue with folks and challenge the old ways of being.

For this evening though, my energies are converging on reminding myself of all that I have in my life. The utter abundance that is mine every single day.

I have strayed from this knowledge this year. My world has become increasingly narrow as my vertigo condition continued to plague me ~ at times draining my will to live ~ sapping me of the ability to focus just outside of my misery to the beauty all around me, outside of the haze of un-health.

It is time to garner my life forces, my spirit guides, my Earth teachers, my inner strength and wisdom. It is time to look beyond my suffering to the abundant fields beyond ~ not so far away.

So tonight I am grateful for this truth ~ we get to start over in any moment, at any time, in any season.

Thank you Universal Gods and Goddesses, Annie Rosa Lee Dog and Each and Every One of my Guardian Angels.

A touch of honey
from the Honey Bear’s squeezable plastic head.

you upend the little guy.
you watch the amber colored sweetness
drip down,
filling his plastic head.

you give him a squeeze ~
not too hard ~ don’t smash the little guy.
watch a dollop
of honey come out.
That is your signal to ease off
the squeeze.
The dollop then becomes a drizzle.

If you are feeling extravagant,
you can give the little plastic guy
another squeeze.

He is a generous guy,
that Mister Honey Bear ~

Enjoy your cup of tea tonight ~
I will join you.
We can toast to the upcoming holiday ~

Tea Cheers ❤

I suppose that rifts, both relational and continental earth mass varieties, occur after considerable drift. Drifting away from one another.

Whether the initial drift was mutually agreed upon, silently or by verbal pact, or unilaterally, with one entity attempting to expand or erect boundaries where once there was just a flowing into one another ~ the end result, the rift, is the same.

I suppose.

Growing pains are real. I have witnessed big tall guys, the ones we tell to be strong and to “man up,” brought to their knees by the joint bone and muscle pain caused by their rapid growth. I still recall one young man’s surpised expression when hearing the cause of his nightly excruciating agony. What? You mean my own body is doing this to me?

For some reason this memory drifted into my mind’s eye as I was studiously contemplating the whole rift conundrum.

Growing up, breaking off from another, expanding ~ drifting.

Yes. I can see the connections.

Now, what to do with the resulting rift?

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