The ground is now covered under a snowy layer of white flakes. Each flake individual and unique.

That image is mind boggling. I mean really. There must be kazillions and triple batillions of snowflakes just outside my south facing windows alone. Not to mention all of the ones that fell from the sky in other areas of this city. They fell under the cover of darkness; those little stealthy cold ones.

I wonder if there are repeats of patterns from one winter to another. Like, there couldn’t be any flakes the same in the winter of 2011 but the really gorgeous and fancy ones could cycle back through in the winter of 2015. I mean, how would we mere mortals know?

There could be a few or even a few billion snowflake cheaters or copyflakes (aka copycats) swirling about with the truly authentic one of a kinders. Even so, what would be the penalty? I got nothing for an answer to that one.

But I do have the beginnings of the key element for winter in the Northern Hemisphere ~ the first measurable snowfall. Yep. We have that one covered.