My eyeballs feel like they have been used as billiard balls in more than one game.

I survived the first two tests of a series that will run through next week, which are meant to help in diagnosing my condition. Diagnosing the condition and then ridding me of my bastard buddy Vertigo.

Without any exaggeration or embelishment (not that I have been known to resort to either), I can forthrightly say that the second test was one of the top five worst experiences I have endured in this life time.

I will be taking cookies or flowers or loaves of bread into the four technicians whom I upchucked all over. Sorry for that visual. If it helps, I followed the pre-test instructions and did not eat or drink anything 24 hours prior to the testing. The technicians said they were grateful…

I won’t go into the rest of the story. I’ll leave out the parts where I cried, screamed, moaned and puked some more. Not to worry. I get to do it all over again come Monday.

One can only hope that the bastard Vertigo is on his way out.