Biggest hurdle so far today is just letting myself be.
Getting off my own back.
Shutting down the constant ‘shoulda.coulda.woulda’ noise.

Like the Beatle’s song, Let It Be, I want to simply let me be. Just for today.
I guess I might not mind if I let me be tomorrow too.

Today it’s gotta be enough that I showered and shampoo’ed my hair. That I did my dishes. And Universe willing, that I’ll do my nails.

I’ve gotta face it and then accept it. There ain’t gonna be any world saving done by me today. Not even any floor sweeping or vacuuming.

Let me be. Let me be. Let me be. Let me be. There will be an answer, let me be. Let me be.
Sang, off tune, by junemoon to an audience of one ~ herself.