I may have written about this old lady before and if I have, so be it. The Crone, you see is like that. Short and to the point. A sort of take it or leave it, hard scrapple kind of gal. A sort of, there are bigger fish to fry than whatever you might be belly aching to her about, kind of woman.

She is also a wise and sage old lady. And that is why she can get away with her calls them as she sees them attitude.

Yes. The Crone knows when to roll up the welcome mat and raise the draw bridge, in order to keep intruders at bay and out of her space. She knows how to protect herself and when to turn inward for answers to life’s conundrums. And when to look outward and up toward the universe for guidance.

A beauty she may not be, unless she is.
Makes no nevermind.

I call upon The Crone to ride shot gun with me for a spell. I call upon The Crone to come visit for a while and to share with me her wisdom and to help guide me closer to my own.

Dearest old woman, I honor thee in the highest form ~ through my need for your strength and insight.
Blessed Be.