is yet to come. A saying and in this case, part of a song lyric sung by Van Morrison. Of how he has come to realize that the best is yet to come.

Is that true?

And, if so, the best of what? The best edible delight? The best kiss? The best rainbow? The best airline bargain? The best home on the plains? or in the mountains? or maybe by a lake? How about the best getaway cottage by the ocean?

And if these bests are in the futue, how will we know that there will not be an even more future best or bestest? Maybe the song lyric should be the best up until that moment in time is yet to come. That way there is some space, a little room, just in case one lives an extra day past what they imagined or for that extra special all-the-stars-aligned-and-the-trumpets-played-your-song kind of day.

I suppose believing that the best is yet to come is a happier thought than the best is all behind us. And an even bleaker view would be that not only is the best behind us but that the best went un-noticed or under appreciated. Ouch. That would be a bummer, for sure.

Just imagine. The best kiss. I mean the best ever in your life time, kiss. In the past. I mean dude. Big big bummer.

Better to think of what lies ahead on the path ~ all the bests that are simply waiting for us to arrive and partake ~ to experience ~ yet to come ~