Learning how to live with a chronic illness or condition is an exercise in patience and rewards. Patience, as one carefully and slowly navigates a day full of personal land mines. Personal land mines that do not necessarily take one’s life away entirely, but can un-do a whole day’s worth of plans. Rewards, come when the stars align and a shower can be taken, including the hair shampoo’ed or another ‘every day’ accomplishment achieved.

Life is stripped down to basics, very easily and in short order.

So I am learning how to let go of plans and go with the flow of my ability at any given moment. A plan to unload the dishwasher gives way to ‘well, maybe not now,’ as the vertigo takes a swipe at my head.


I will sit down and see if updating my blog is in the plan. Ahhh. Another sweet reward of my go with the flow day ~ my eyes can tolerate the laptop’s light ~ yay ~ they can focus on the screen ~ double yay ~ my brain is unfogged enough to conjure up a word or two ~ yay, yay ~ and those few words tell a story ~ miracle yay.

So just like that saying when one door closes another door opens, ‘Not now’ can be that window that opened when subsequent doors remained locked. After all, clean dishes can wait to be put away, while stories need to be told when they are ready.