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Or at least of a young lad and a dutch oven. My quandry this morning is how to combine the usage of my slow cooker and my dutch oven. I am fixing to cook up a batch of beef stew, you see, but do not know how long I will be gone from hearth and home during the day as I am getting the pleasure of spending part of the day with a delight-full young lad.

The beef recipe is a new one, which incorporates beer and paprika and calls for a little white sugar. What? Relax. Relax and trust a recipe. Jeesh. Don’t make me talk you down off the ledge this early in the morning, Missy. What? Yes, I realize it is me whom I am speaking to? Do ya think I’m nuts?

Hello?! So back to what I was saying…

So this is what I’m thinking. I’ll start the stew out in the slow cooker, sans the assorted ‘taters (gold, baby white and round reds) and orange carrots. When I return home from time spent with my eldest grandson, the young but tall lad, I will throw in the already chunked up (note to self, chunk up veggies prior to heading out) veggies after I transfer the beef stew mixture into dutch oven. Which I will have already placed over a low to moderate burner on stove top, where I’ll let it perk for another hour or so until veggies are tender but not falling apart and the meat falls apart when I glance its way.


Plus, I am looking very forward to conversations with this particular young lad as the time has flown by since our last one-on-one hanging out together. Adolescent minds can be full of rich ideas and illuminating perspectives. And, of course, there is the part of my simply loving this particular guy to pieces.

It’s gonna be a good day.
All the ingredients are aligned and point in that direction.

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