I am sitting here listening and re-listening to Remember When as sung by Alan Jackson. I heard it on my car radio a while back and after some internal resistence, I downloaded the song from an electronic store.

The lyrics are quite lovely and tell a story of a simple life. Gets me choked up.

Reminds me of how quickly my life has passed. How fast my daughter grew up. How I am now described as that older lady. What the heck happened? And just when did I turn that corner from being considered a dynamic sexual being? I don’t know.

I’m not even saying that I think that the younger, stronger, quicker, definitely more limber me was the preferable one between who I was then and who I am today. I’m just saying that there is a definite difference. A difference in both how I am viewed by others and how I view myself.

I don’t think my neighbors are home. It’s a good thing as I am fixing to play this song again, for about the sixth time in a row.

Some things just take a little more mulling over ~