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Snow could fall. Any day now. October has arrived. And here in the Land of Eternal Darkness, Ice and Snow Except for When the Glorious Spring, Summer, and Fleeting Autumn Bless Us With Their Presence, October heralds the beginnings of the Season of Eternal Darkness, Ice and Snow.

The overnight temps are dipping lower, now in the mid-to high 30’s, except for the occasional Jack Frost visits here in the lowlands. Higher in the mountains, winter has already arrived. We lowlanders can see what we non-fondly call termination dust on the peaks and even in the higher elevated valleys. What looks like a dusting to us is most likely tantamount to a couple of feet of snow up there.

Some folks are rejoicing right about now and are already inpatiently looking for any sign they can find that will point to a snow-filled winter. These winter sport’s enthusiasts are a mixed bag of humanity. Some seeking the solitude and solace of a moonlit cross-country ski. Others looking to jar their fillings out of their teeth as they buzz along their man-made skidoo trails on their skidoos and all-terrain vehicles. And then there are the dog mushing set; some from the true frontier’s experience, others hoping to find that back-to-nature while being pulled by a bevy of dogs. Thrill seeking downhill ski’ers and snowboarders. Solitary backwoodspeople, hikers, overnighters, some staying for a week or two. The winter bicyclists sporting studs on their tires and headlamps on their hats. And let’s not forget the sledders and the snowball fighter’s ~ it’s all fun until someone gets hurt ~ remember that saying?

And to be truthful, there is a part of me, small as it may be, that remembers the childlike wonder of the first snow fall. I actually enjoyed winter sports for parts of my life. Not recently. Not even by a long shot of the imagination. But be that as it may, October is here. I can choose to either go along to get along or fight it tooth and nail to no avail or difference will it make, other than draining my energy. I mean really, junemoon, here the Earth is preparing this beautiful gift of a season, and you dare to reject Her gift?

Put that in your pipe and chew on it for a while. [That does not sound quite right]

Hello October! Said with gayety and anticipation!
Any day now.
Why not today?

Even if I’m not all the way there yet with the seasonal enthusisasm, I can fake it ’til I make it, right?
Soooo, once more with feeling ~

Well, Helloooo there October ❤

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