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I started blogging a few years ago, initially using another server or platform or home base. This first foray into the world of a public blogger began slowly and in a small fashion; to be read by only a select few. The readers were known to me but I came to realize over time that I was not necessarily known to them. And that unearthing mutually shared topics of interest was no small feat.

So eventually I changed servers and somehow learned how to set up and then launch this blog. I say that I somehow learned, to highlight the fact that I am still, some years later and having forgotten the how-to’s of the start-up, totally in awe that I learned how to establish this home base.

I do think of this little blog as a home base of sorts. A home base that lives in the electronic cloud or the electric blue of the electronic world. A home base that easily follows me around this little planet of ours as I change my home base more often than I care to have to recant in this moment. Yes. This blog is a touch stone for me. A touch stone and a sounding board. A sounding board, touch stone and a connecting rod to others. Yes, indeed, this blog is all of that last sentence.

Mostly though, this blog is mine. Made entirely of my words, thought streams, ideas, fears, worries, triumphs, successes, good-byes, angst, new beginnings, good health, poor health, goodness, judgments, and dreams. None of which arrive in my brain or on the tip of my tongue or at the touch of the keyboard without input from others. I am not an island. All of my ideas, thoughts, and dreams owe their very beginnings to someone(s) or something(s) outside of my insides.

Osmosis. Influence. Subconcious. Peripheral learning.

All combined to create the seemingling instantaneous lightbulb of ah-ha moments in my psyche. Each thought a culmination of many ~ like dandelion seeds are scattered by weightless white fluff, so are our collective imaginings, ideals, and scenarios.

Each individual’s ideas are, indeed, unique to themselves because the collective nuanced idea from the outside is then funneled, sifted and mixed with the insides of that thinker, developer, dreamer. The grand total being from and belonging to the human being who springs from their soft warm paisley sofa, exclaiming “Eureka! pop open the bubbly and warm up the band, I have come upon this brand new, previously thought by no one else, idea!”

All of this is to say that years later, I am still trying to figure out how to truly make the best use of all of the bells and whistles that WordPress has to offer me. Take the Like button. This bell and whistle is a mystery to me. I understand the rudimentary basics, or at least I think I do. What I do not understand is how I can easily see who Like’s my posts so that I can connect with them. Do I need to go to each comment section of my post and check to see who has Like’d any particular post? Or is there a section like the Comments part that shows me that someone has Commented so that I can then respond?

Simple. So simple.
I am sure. The answer is right in front of my eyes.
Perhaps this blogging navigator needs a new compass to find her way.
Nevertheless, I am having myself a dandy time as I return to my home base today while I sit in the sun on that aforementioned paisley-covered sofa.

September 2011