Today is one of those kind of days where I have wondered am I the only one out here in my corner of the universe.

I am home sick. As in, sick at home in bed up until an hour ago. As in not feeling well. At all.

I can hear city traffic rumbling along, off and on.
I just finished talking with a co-worker via phone about a mental health exam she hopes that I will conduct and write up on short notice.
I have texted a couple of people to let them know I will not be showing up where and when previously agreed to.

And yet, I still feel alone in this world.

Good doggone thing that the sunshine is streaming through my south facing windows onto my brown paisley-colored soft loveseat all done up in deep gold, garnet and earthy browns. Cuz without this warmth, freely given, I might just have had to curl up into my core, all alone.

Instead, I will pick up my crochet hook and continue working with this one strand of baby blue soft yarn. A project you see, that I am doing to help my daughter with a gift for her friend. My first ruffled scarf that is looking more like a corkscrew than a ruffle but is soft nonetheless. Soft, snuggly and comforting.

I am not alone. Right?