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Studded tire, that is. My oh my I have been busy this past week acting responsibly and taking care of business.

Taking care of business every day. Taking care of business in every way. Taking care of business and working over time.
Remember that tune?
What? No.
Well then I suppose those italicized lyrics didn’t mean much to you.
I’ll try harder next time.

But one thing I won’t have to try harder doing is acting responsibly. I wish. I wish that were true. But I know in my heart that it’s not cuz I know me. I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire. I typically put things off, let them hang over my head like a lead balloon, until they migrate and become like a ball and chain around my ankle ~ both ankles. Until the consequences of the procrastination become worse than the energy drain of not doing and avoiding whatever task I am denying exists.

But not this time.

Just this past week I renewed my vehicle, Buster Blue’s, license tags, which was really a two-fer one in the acting responsibly column since I had to take Buster in for his emission control (IM) testing in order to renew his tags. And guess what, Buster’s tags did not expire until the last day of this month. I renewed his tags early! OMgosh. There’s a first for every little thing on this mostly blue planet. Yes, there is.

And then today I loaded up Buster’s winter shoes, aka snow tires, and took them in to change over prior to any snow fall or icy roads. And I did not whine out loud or even to myself when told that two of Buster’s winter shoes needed replaced with brand new footwear. Nor did I start to cry when I was further informed that his summer sandals were a danger to Buster and to others, as in bald and worn. I simply paid extra for the tires to be recycled by someone other than myself. And then I paid the total bill with a smile and a thank you.

I think I might be in line to be knighted. Knighted as Queen of Responsible Acts.

The jewel encrusted crown had better show up fast though and be fastened atop my head quick. Lightening fast before I don’t do something that I should have or that any other responsible human would take care of right away. But today even without the tiara, I have patted myself on my back for the mature measures that I have taken on behalf of myself and my beloved Buster Blue.

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