The ritual of creating a home base is what I am right smack dab in the middle of this holiday weekend. Serendipitous it seems that the day the nation is observing is named Labor Day. As luck would have it, my current project is a labor of love.

Part of the dictionary’s definiton of home base talks about a five-sided chunk of material representing safety for the baseball player. Homes represent the center of safety for the occupants ~ a place of their very own wherein they can truly be themselves without fear of reprisal. The latter part of my home definition doesn’t always play out for members of a family as sometimes we experience the most judgment and/or negative feedback for being our authentic selves from our own tribe. That, however, is a thought journey onto itself for another day…

Today it is enough for me to create with love and labor a home base where I can enjoy the feelings of safety and belonging. Once the need for safety is attained this blogger can re-awaken and dance with my inner artist muse.

I am a lucky lucky woman.
I am an artist and a writer.

I have a Home Base ~