The first image that comes to mind when I hear that phrase, “line ’em up,” is of old fashioned clear shot glasses filled with amber colored liquor in a straight line near the edge of a solid wood bar that shines with a mahogany sheen. Count ’em and down ’em. Followed by the sound of the thick shot glass thudding on the gleaming wood bar.

The line ’em up that I am thinking of today does not fit within that visual, as lovely as the image might be.

Today I am thinking of the lines that are crossed in every day living. Like why is it that in order to take care of myself and help ensure my happiness that I must somehow cross another’s line of neediness. Or why is it that lines that used to intersect, join and travel parallel, no longer even come close to being in the same hemisphere of life.

Too theoretical. I know.

Maybe I will go back to the original image that the saying conjured up. There must be a shot glass around here somewhere…