The thing it seems about enjoying one’s life has to do more about the ‘tude than the day-to-day happenings. You know what I mean? This thing, has to do with the attitude, one’s very own attitude. What one, you or me or they or them, bring to the table ~ to our very own table.

Earlier this week I decided to change how I feel about my job. This change in my attitude was a conscious decision on my part. Why? Mostly because it was getting really old, boring and draining hating on my job. And when I asked myself to identify some things that I liked about my job, I was able to quickly identify a wonderful component to my employment. So wonderful that it made me smile and then look upward to the ceiling and to the heavens above that man made roof, and say a little thank you.

This particular job thing that helped me instantly change up my ‘tude thing, is a flexible work schedule. Meaning, lots of time off, my friends. Meaning when I am at my place of employment, I work hard and more often than not long hours and I can then schedule some much appreciated and longed for time out of the office, or plainly put ~ time off.

As a result, I am working a 3-day work week for three weeks in a row with this week being the first one. I don’t mind smushing a lot of hours into those three days when I know that I get to look forward to four and five-day weekends.

Yes folks, I am saying what it sounds like I am. The thing I love most about my job is my time off. This time off helps me change my attitude, which then helps me do my job better, which then helps me keep my job and enjoy more time off. See how that works?

Like I said, the thing is all about the ‘tude.