My Moosewood Cookbook is all dogeared and stained up. The binding is all gnarly and when tossed onto the table, the pages fall open to favored recipes ~ it spills its secrets so to speak. And what deelisio secrets they are.

This morning I am fixing to make up two quiche. One with my grandkiddos’ favorita medium bright orange cheddar cheese, sauteed broccoli (we recently picked together) and yellow onions and sliced black olives. The other quiche delight will be swiss cheese, chicken apple sausage and sauteed yellow onion. Yum.

My duplex rental will soon be smelling like a home.

This cookbook was a seventh anniversary gift many a moon ago to my then-partner from a couple who celebrated their 33rd anniversary earlier this year. Although I shed the relationship a long time ago I have held tight to the gift and shared many a tasty edible gift to family and friends from recipes that sprang from the well-used pages.

Oh and later this morning, I’m cooking up a pot of white bean soup. The beans have already had their overnight soak. I wish you could sit with me and enjoy a steaming bowl of this savory comfort for dinner ~