Enlightenment. Not so much. Enlight-gathering. Aptly put, if not really a word. Technicality, for which there is no good time to waste one’s time over sweating the small stuff.

This past Wednesday night the stars aligned above my head and inside my inner ear and I was able to lie down to sleep. And sleep I did for most of the night, with only occasional awakenings to heap prayers of praise upon those very stars and their alignment. You see, I have been sleeping in the very upright position since 2/7/2011, due to the prolonged visit of Vertigo, also-known-as my unwanted and unloved buddy “V.” Who is also-known-as the Bastard.

What a positive difference this new turn of events has made. This veritable miracle of nocturnal horizontality (once again, let’s not sweat the use of Webster non-recognized verbiage).

Enlightenment follows once enough light has been gathered. At least that’s my story this softly grey skied morning.