It is has been a while since I posted on my favorita little blog. There has been a good reason for my absence, a valid excuse if you will. You see, I have been without the use of my laptop Toshi (human name for an electronic device) due to my being veritably homeless, meaning without a home of my own. The places where I have been housesitting have not been internet friendly.

Even now, I am not writing this on my familiar Toshi but on my host home’s computer. Makes no never mind really as I am simply happy to be able to say, I have missed you little blog of mine.

Howdy Hey and glad to see that you are still here.

My housesitting ways and stays will come to an end early next month and meanwhile, your junemoon is looking, very diligently I might add, for a new to me place to call home. Wish me luck. Lots of it. Good wishes too. Okay?