As in what was that noise? What just happened here? Did I run over something? No. I don’t see anything bouncing along behind me in the rear view mirror. Nothing skittering sideways across the road. Did I really hear that loud thunking noise? Yes. Most definitely. Did I really feel that thump from underneath the car right around the vicinity of my gas pedal’ed foot? Uh-huh.

What was that?

After closer inspection from kneeling down beside Buster Blue (my parked car), there was no evidence of anything hanging loose. Uh-oh.

I am planning on driving Buster, minimally, later today. Good idea? or bad? Does the fact that I am taking him in tomorrow to Midas to have them take a look and do an oil change on my old buddy make a diff? Not sure. I suppose it depends on what exactly that noise was. Okay, now we’re back to uh-oh.