I was not expecting to be without a home yesterday. Most definitely not on my radar for a happening in my day. But living out of a suitcase I am today as of yesterday.

No need to panic on my behalf. I do have a housesitting situation for now so the roof over my head and a bed to sit on (yes, I continue to sleep upright ~ thanks to my visitor V, as in vertigo) are taken care of for the time being. And still, with all of that withstanding, I do not have a home. A home of my own.

I have not had a true home of my rented own for some time now. A good long time. A too long of a time.

So today, I am letting the proverbial pieces fall and settle and sift and flow on their own while I sit still for just a minute or two to get a gander at my new horizons.

Lonely. Yes. Heartbroken. Yes. Necessary. Check.