This week sort of built up like a wave and rolled right over me. In fact, I’m still sort of, kind of rollin’ along. A few scrapes along the ocean bed before being sucked up and over again in the relentless waves of life.

Don’t worry though, I’m still breathing while I bump along. Laughing even. Hysterical laughter at times. But laughter nonetheless. You know how it is, right? There’s a huge adrenaline rush when one breaks above the crashing waves and takes a big gulp of life sustaining oxygen right before being pulled under again, again and again.

Life is like that. Sometimes.

And then there are the safe eddies here and there along the charted and uncharted course. Doldrums too. Don’t hang out too long in those, they can drive you mad with their calm that can stretch into day after day of sameness.

I’ve gotta go for now. Remember I told you, I’m rollin’ along ~ for now.