Climb right up and sit right down on the pretty painted pony on the merry-go-round of emotion-filled and charged topics. Hold on tight to the shiny post that keeps the painted pony and you sitting upright and pretty. Hold on tight and sit up straight and smile bright and if you are lucky today, no one will notice the bulging vein right at your jaw line or the tightness of your knuckles as you will yourself to keep still and keep smiling.

Be still. Be pretty. Smile bright. Please know that I will know, and understand, the rage that burbles up inside of you ~ the rage that keeps time with the loud not really melodic tinny sounding music as the painted pony on which you sit goes up and down, up and down. I will know, and empathize, with the rage that could flip with the ease of a dime, allowing the knuckles to fist up and punch out and the bulge at the jaw line, to unleash and join in the screams pumped up from your core.

Oh yeah. I know. I understand.

Today we are sittin’ pretty on that painted pony merry-go-round of life’s powder keg of emotion charged circumstances.

Cannot think about tomorrow cuz today is all the go-round that I can endure and still sit pretty.