I have a hankering for some homemade stuffed mushrooms. A real yearning.

I bought a carton of baby portabellos (or is it portobellas, or neither spelling) yesterday with just such a craving in mind. More than likely the purchase was fueled by the already rumbling idea of such a tasty dish warm from the oven.

Can’t you smell them now? The fragrance of hot Italian sausage all crumbled up and fried, some finely diced yellow onion and fresh garlic, a splash or two of white wine, with the mushroom stems chunked up and saute’d right along side. Maybe a slice or two of butter thrown in for flavor. Maybe an egg or two and some seasoned breadcrumbs. Some grated fresh parmesan cheese you say? A toss of sea salt and a grind or three of fresh black peppercorns. Oh yeah, baby, we’ve got it going on in the old mixing bowl.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love ya tomorrow, you’re only a mushroom cap away…